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The Brazilian Coffee Superiority



         Quality and quantity are two words that look similar, but have very different meanings. Often, people get asked whether they prefer quality over quantity or vice versa, and depending on what the topic is, the answer changes.

         If you are asked whether you prefer the quality over quantity of your daily dose of coffee, which one do you prefer? Well, we did some digging, and found both in one single-origin coffee.

         Based on research, Brazil makes up to one third of all of the coffee produced which is an indication that Brazil produces the largest quantity of coffee in the world. The country has held this title for the last 156 years. Due to the fact that Brazil produces so much coffee, some people may think that the quality of the coffee they produce is being jeopardized. But there’s a lot of factors farmers in this country have considered to actually produce a magnificent coffee.

         Brazil’s most commonly used method in producing coffee beans is through the natural way. It is the process of drying after the cherries has been harvested until the moisture content drops to 11-12%. It is said to be the easiest way to transform coffee cherries into green beans, however it is also one of the most difficult ways to produce great coffee. But this tradition is still in use in the country as it greatly affects the flavor of the coffee.

          The single-origin coffee being produced in Brazil has, time and time again, been graded as a top-quality specialty coffee. The distinctive flavor and low acidity that it provides is the reason why coffee lovers crave this specialty. Compared to other coffee beans, Brazilian coffee tend to be round, well nuanced and sweet rather than big and bright.

          Growing this single-origin coffee at relatively low elevations, with rich soil, and a bit moody weather is not easy at all, but it is also a huge factor of the nutty, sweet, and chocolatey flavor which makes Brazilian coffee superior from other coffee.

          The way that the quality of the flavor of this single-origin is preserved despite the massive production quantity is truly magical. It’s more than enough to melt the heart of its consumer.

          Want to have a taste of magic? Royal Diaspora Coffee offers organic single-origin coffee sourced directly from Fazenda De Serra, Caparao - MG, Brazil in support of the scattered diaspora of coffee growers, primarily of African, Latinx, and Asian descent. Stand with us as we recognize and honor the many farmers that have been left out of the narratives of coffee drinking amongst their globally northern neighbors, erasing the rich traditions of coffee that have been cultivated locally for years.