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Single-origin coffee vs. Regular coffee


Royal Diaspora Coffee Company


            Coffee has been deemed as one of the most consumed commodity in the world. No matter where you are, you will find a café in one corner of the city you’re in. But how well do you know your coffee?

            There are four main coffee types, all of them provides a radically different taste profile. First is Arabica which is grown on high altitude and considered as the higher quality beans. Robusta is best grown in a hot climate with irregular rainfall and can grow at a number of altitudes. Excelsa has recently been classified as Liberica however it still has a vastly different taste when compared. Liberica which is unique in their aroma and shape and deemed to be the most difficult to find.

            For the past years, the term single-origin coffee became popular, with media sources like food networks, newspapers and magazines, television shows, bloggers, and video content creators dipping more into the topic and introducing this variety of coffee to their audience.  The question is, what really is single-origin coffee and how is it different with the regular coffee that we have grown used to?

Royal Diaspora Coffee Company

            A single-origin coffee is produced and can be traced to a single region in one country like Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia Indonesia and more. Single-origin has a distinct and robust flavor based on the growing and processing conditions of the region it came from. Said flavor is influenced by many factors which may include botanical variety, shade, soil, and climate altitude.

           On the other hand, a regular coffee can be referred to as blends, which include more than one single-origin coffee. It is a mixture of different single-origins that may be produced in any region and mostly are available throughout the year.

           Many coffee enthusiasts say that single-origin coffee tastes better than regular, as it is said to be the purest form of coffee. If you are looking for a unique and crisp flavor, a cup of a single-origin coffee may best suit you. However, if you are looking for a smoother and balanced flavor that goes great with milk and sugar, then a coffee blend may be a better option.

           Now every time you get your coffee, it sure will taste better than before. As Theresa Marquez said “Making the effort to really know where our food comes from gets us in touch with the farmer, the real force behind the food we eat. “

          Royal Diaspora Coffee offers organic single-origin coffee sourced directly from Fazenda De Serra, Caparao - MG, Brazil in support of the scattered diaspora of coffee growers, primarily of African, Latinx, and Asian descent. Help us recognize and honor the many farmers that have been left out of the narratives of coffee drinking amongst their globally northern neighbors, erasing the rich traditions of coffee that have been cultivated locally for years.